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Welcome to the world of Gamification, Gamified Learning, Serious Business Game Training and Co.

Games have always been an essential driver for change. It is not only about learning through play, as we can observe with children. Gaming means learning, it means transformation, it means enabling evolution. Approaches such as Montessori education or the idea of «Homo Ludens» emerged long before the age of digitalization.

In the last 30 years, and spurred on by digitalization in general and computer games in particular, completely new insights have been gained in this area. Thus, completely new approaches such as gamification, gamified training, serious gaming and game thinking have emerged. While these concepts were initially dismissed as exotic and trivial, they now represent an important and proven toolbox that can improve existing processes and develop new ones in any organization. Whether it is about new forms of customer loyalty, the transformation of one’s own organization, the development of new forms of collaboration, or even the expansion of management: approaches based on game logics and game mechanics should always be an option. After all, gamification approaches have already been proven in numerous empirical studies to increase motivation and willingness to perform. But how can this be implemented? What distinguishes and connects the various approaches? What do you need for their implementation?

We support you with new innovative concepts and learning approaches:

  • In staff workshops
  • Live Gamification in employee events or conferences
  • Gamification elements for your product portfolio as an incentive system
  • New (retail) building concepts to increase attractiveness for employees and customers
  • Digital transformation workshops for your business model or your strategic realignment of a business line

Since its foundation, the Gamified Training Team has seen itself as an innovation driver for new forms of transformation. In doing so, we always follow a sustainable approach. We never view a topic as a single, linear process, but as part of a larger system. Gamification, serious business gaming and the like should not be applied because it sounds exciting or because it is currently fashionable to engage in these approaches. We want to work with you to create value in your business processes with new attractive incentives, so that employees and customers develop positive energy when using your product and service portfolio. For this reason, we have developed a comprehensive enabling program, which is designed to enable organizations step by step to use Gamification, Serious Business Game Training and kind related transformation approaches in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Here our workshop formats show you how we work with the topic and which development options are available for you and your organization. The respective consulting workshops can be adapted to your individual needs. It is also possible to develop your own models and formats.

Your advantages when you choose workshops with gamified training:

  • All contents and models from the workshops have been tested for many years
  • Transfer of extensive expert knowledge and concrete processes for practical implementation
  • Unique workshop formats make gamification a tangible experience
  • All offers can be adapted to your individual needs

Workshop Topics | Gamification and Gamified Training

We train you and your team on-site, or we can train you online worldwide in the form of a Virtual Training Series: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection

Introduction to Gamification – Online Workshop for Beginners and Advanced Users

  • Content | Goals: In recent years, the topic of gamification has become increasingly important. The use of game mechanics can lead to better processes and structures. But what exactly does gamification mean – and what not? Is it about points and badges? Is it about reward systems? What are the opportunities and risks and what do you have to consider when using gamification? This workshop will give you a comprehensive insight into the world of Gamification and Co. You will get to know different perspectives and applications. The goal is to enable you to independently decide on the benefits or the opportunities and risks of applying Gamification in your organization. The offer is aimed at beginners and advanced users. We recommend this workshop to anyone planning to attend Christoph Deeg’s other workshops on this topic.
  • Duration of the workshop: 120 minutes
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

Gamification, Game Thinking, Game Based Learning – Which mechanisms can I use best and when?

  • Content | Goals: Gamification stands for the application of game mechanics and game logics in real contexts and processes. Gamification, however, is only one possible method. In the context of games, many other approaches exist, such as Game Thinking, Game Based Learning or even Playful Experiences. In this online workshop, we will look at the many different approaches and their special features, opportunities and risks. The goal of the workshop is to enable you to understand the different options and decide on their use in your organization. In the course of the workshop, various applications will be discussed using concrete examples. Together with the workshop «Introduction to Gamification Workshop for Beginners and Advanced Users», we recommend this workshop as a basis for all further steps.
  • Duration of the workshop: 120 minutes
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

Gamified Workshops, Gamified Meetings and More | How Game Mechanics Can Boost Collaboration

  • Content | Goals: In recent years, there has been intense discussion about new forms of collaboration. Many new exciting approaches have been discussed and tried out, also in the context of digitalization. New working models, new structures and a constantly increasing pressure to innovate and transform signify an increased need for new approaches to sustainable collaboration. Gamification can help to break new ground here. In this online workshop, new forms of collaboration, new concepts for workshops and meetings will be developed. Digital-analog approaches will also be taken into account. The aim is to enable participants to gradually rethink and develop their forms of collaboration. Therefore, implementation issues will also be discussed.
    This workshop is designed so that each session has a different format based on game mechanics. Thus, the use of gamification can be experienced live. The participants’ experiences with the respective format will be queried and discussed at the end of each workshop. The aspects behind the format will also be explained in depth.
  • Duration of the workshop: 4 sessions of 120 minutes each
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

The Two-Week Gamification Challenge

  • Content | Goals: This gamification workshop or program is aimed at participants who already have experience with gamification or have at least participated in our introduction workshop. In this program we want to get to know different game mechanics and apply them to processes. The special feature here is the format based on game mechanics. For two weeks (each Monday through Friday), we meet online for 30 minutes in the morning and go through two game mechanics at a time. Thus, over the course of two weeks, 20 game mechanics can be tried out in the context of application to real-world processes. The results of the sessions are documented online on an interactive whiteboard and are available to the participants for another three months.
  • Duration of the workshop: 10 sessions of 30 minutes each within two weeks
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

Project and Consulting Workshop Gamification

Content | Goals: This offer is aimed at advanced and experts who would like to discuss and further develop their own processes and projects in the field of gamification. A small group – no more than five people – discusses together existing concepts and processes of the participants. You can draw on the extensive knowledge of our gamification experts. Each participant presents his/her concrete project in a session. In a next step, you will first receive comprehensive feedback from our gamification specialists and then discuss further options together.

  • Duration of the workshops: 5 sessions of 60 minutes each
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

Gamification and HR – motivating and supporting people in a playful way

  • Content | Goals: The topic of gamification is particularly interesting for the field of HR, among others. The use of game mechanics opens up a multitude of possibilities for the further development of teams and individuals in organizations. But what does this mean in concrete terms? In this workshop we will discuss different application scenarios for Gamification in HR. In doing so, we will also address myths and risks. In the course of the workshop we would like to give you the opportunity to develop your own approach for the application of Gamification in your HR department. Therefore, it is not(!) about developing digital platforms for employee motivation. We will discuss new findings from neuropsychology and experiment with game logics and new forms of leadership, for example in the context of «digital leadership».
  • Duration of the workshop: 4 sessions of 120 minutes each
  • DIDACTICS | METHODOLOGY: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection.

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