CASE STUDY Abu Dhabi Airports

A new case on Successful Internal Audit by Training on Serious Business Games

Abu Dhabi Airport decides to commit to the Serious Business Games as the ideal learning tool to address the identified needs. To that purpose, it implements the Gamelearn ARC learning platform focused on the development of ‘audit soft skills’.

One of the requirements established by Abu Dhabi Airport has focused on turning training into a really useful tool for the employee. Connecting the training with the professional and personal success of the employee has been vital to the success of the project. This is confirmed by the quality survey conducted within 90 days of completion of the course: 97% of the employees ensure that they apply the techniques, strategies and skills learned in their daily work and in their personal lives.

Merchants Serious Business Game

Merchants was the serious business games chosen for developing an effective and practical learning of audit negotiation skills, moderation and conflict resolution strategies.

Merchants is a unique learning experience based on a simulator that recreates 6 real cases of negotiations in which participants apply their skills to negotiate, communicate a proposal and audit solutions effectively and resolve conflicts. Merchants is an online audit negotiation course set in 15th-century Venice. The training participant plays the role of Carlo Vecchio, a successful merchant whose mission is to become the greatest merchant of the age, while being mentored by Leonardo da Vinci or Machiavelli. Merchants is a multi-language course, available currently in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese. Dutch, Turkish and Chinese.

Results: Motivation, effectiveness, applicability

The results obtained with the training program through Serious Business Games implemented by Abu Dhabi Airport have been classified into two levels. First level. Here is the main goal of the audit training program with overwhelming results: Better motivated internal auditors prepared on the one hand for audit negotiations and moderation and on the other hand taking part into digital transformation process by using gamification in audit training.

“We strive to exceed expectations and achieve the highest standards in everything we do. We are creative in our approach to business and realistic about the goals we set. Hence, it is our duty to provide team members with tools and methodologies that help them to further develop their knowledge and skills. This allows us having an impact in an innovative, fun and efficient way on their motivation to learn more effectively.”

“I liked the innovative and fun way of learning and transferring knowledge.”

Torben Hilbertz | SVP Internal Audit

Merchants – Serious Game on Negotiation

Course Section I: Understanding
  • Case: Resolve a client conflict.
  • The fundamentals of a negotiation.
  • Keys to building trust.
  • How to avoid common mistakes.